... The Clouté d’or ...

We wanted to make a knife representative of the Art deco period. For this we got our inspiration from several models gleaned in various museums and which used the old technique known as gold piqué. This very old technique had often been used in the XVII th century mainly for goldsmithery, for shell dishes, and it was a technique well mastered by the Italians. It was used for the tortoise shell or mother-of-pearl table cutlery during the XVIII th and XIX th centuries. It could be found up to the beginning of the XX th century when the gold piqué knives came within the scope of the Art deco style, with its search for pure lines and geometrical and bald forms. Thus the most famous companies of the time made real tortoise shell or mother-of-pearl jewels using the gold studded technique : Peter, Touron-Parisot or Cardeilhac all of whom perpetuated the tradition until the 30’s.
Technically speaking, the difficulty of manufacturing such a piece of work is real, all the more because it is a knife without any apparent mechanism rivets. The difficulty lies in two points: first, the need to obtain a perfect symmetry and regularity concerning the geometrical figures; secondly the big risk of splittig the shell when putting each rivet into its case, whose diameter is slightly smaller than the gold rivet’s, in order to maintain it in its proper place for good. This operation is repeated 308 times per knife, representing 308 risks of having to do it all over again ! To counterbalance this richly gold piqué decoration, we chose a outline with sober and straight lines, with sharp angles and cut sides, a mixture of luxury and bareness so typical of Art deco.
Lenght open : 21 cm, closed : 11 cm