... The Laguiole Tête de femme Marianne and Nonne ...

They are copies of Laguioles made by Nicolas Crocombette in Thiers during the first half of the XXth century. Nicolas Crocombette (1863-1955) was an inspired cutler who created a lot of sculptured knives, among which many Laguioles, during his long career. Unmistakably, he has become the symbolic figure of the city of Thiers, a sort of exception which proves the rule, a really unique case in the history of cutlery. This cutler was a bit like the French artist "Facteur Cheval" but for knives, combining a big creativity and the intelligence of the hand. Endowed with an outstanding artistic sense, expressing himself through various techniques because he was quite at the same moment an engraver, a sculptor, a painter and a cutler, Nicolas, tireless worker, created a large number of sculpured knives among which the Laguioles figures’ head” (Marianne, Nun and Joan of Arc for example) are the best, maybe, at showing his sense of the aesthetics. What is particular about Nicolas Crocombette’s most accomplished knives is that each of them takes with itself a part of what he had been. They are his hands, his desires, his wishes, his belief, they have their own life, a heart which beats and they revive the emotions every time new hands touch them. This makes them works of art.
Modestly, because the urge was big for us to take our inspiration from these beautiful knives and also because we were very warmly received by the descendants of the cutlers of Thiers, we decided, some time ago, to reproduce some of these knives, the Laguioles with feminine head. We were thus mainly inspired by original knives and made it a necessity to respect the authenticity of Nicolas’ work. Our Laguioles are thus knives made "Nicolas’ way". So we keep the tradition of the personalized knives alive, something Nicolas Crocombette liked particularly.
Lenght open : 26.5 or 24 cm, closed : 14.5 or 13 cm